How to Explore Theories and Live Beyond Them?

Answer At what price do people defend their ideas and values?Theories are something everyone has. The problem however, is that there are so many theories, so many different ideas and points of view. How m... Read More »

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How to Explore Words and Live Beyond Them?

Lots and lots of words...There are times it seems we live off of, live with and cannot seem to live without words. Language is slightly different to words, although certainly connected. Language is... Read More »

How to Explore Voidness and Live Beyond It?

Buddhist Philosophy also focuses on Voidness"Voidness" is a complex object of study in philosophy because while it is a fundamental system of thought, it has been used by many philosophers and meta... Read More »

How to Explore Layers in the Mind and Live Beyond Them?

The layers we build internally are a complex thing, but they are ultimately built by our own mind and therefore are something we can also deconstruct when we need to readjust our fears, sadness or ... Read More »

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