How to Explore Grammar in Context?

Answer Exploring grammar in context makes learning about grammar a more fascinating experience than learning from traditional textbook readings and exercises. Linguistically, grammar is about more than ju... Read More »

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Difference Between Regular Grammar and Context-Free Grammar?

Grammar means something very different to linguists and computer programmers than it does to most people. While most of us think of grammar as a set of etiquette rules for socially acceptable langu... Read More »

How to Write With Context-Free Grammar?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology linguist Noam Chomsky described "grammars" as sets of rules for generating strings of characters. He then classified these rules according to the complexity of... Read More »

How to Teach Grammar in Context Passages?

Understanding grammatical rules is essential to being able to craft well-written sentences, paragraphs, essays and stories. Grammar provides the building blocks with which students can create liter... Read More »

The Similarities Between Universal Grammar & English Grammar?

Universal grammar and English grammar are different concepts that share similarities. Universal grammar is a theory about language acquisition that applies to all languages. The theory of a univers... Read More »