How to Explicate a Poem?

Answer Have you ever come away from a poem wondering why the speaker would write a poem about such a strange topic? Perhaps there's a deep allegory you're not picking up on! This article will show you how... Read More »

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Do you like this poem then?

I tried the swanky truck stopThey said the sauce was freeBut when my meal was overI was presented with a feeThe service,it was faultyMeatloaf,it was badI'm thinking my experienceIs I have now been had

What is the poem the road not taken about?

Robert Frost's poem is about a narrator and the road he decided not to take and why he decided not to take it.

What is sensory poem?

This is a poem that focuses on the 5 senses. You start with an emotion, and some people use colors to explain them. First you choose a topic like video games them You say: it sounds like/it smells... Read More »

What would you say about this poem i found?