How to Explain to Kids About the Death of a Pet?

Answer Has your beloved family pet passed on, but your child doesn't know? This article will give you some tips on how to tell them.

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How to Explain Death to a Child?

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How do you explain war and death to a five year old?

Wow Lindsey! I can’t imagine what you are going through. I’m so sorry!I have had to speak to my students about death several times but when it came to war it was very difficult for me. Septembe... Read More »

Preschool kids listen to the music group Korn - Can you explain what the kids would be like after this?

If you mean in the future nothing probably. They don't really understand what they are listening too and their music tastes change with the years.

How to Explain the Death of a Child to Strangers?

The circumstances behind of the death of a child will always be known to friends and relatives of the bereaved parents who also, inevitably, will need to confront the question of what to say when t... Read More »