How to Explain the Things Other People Do or Say?

Answer Everyone has experienced this situation.One of your friends or colleagues has behaved strangely, and a member of your group is determined to hold it against them.How do you explain to them the thin... Read More »

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How to Share Your Tasks With Other People and Get Things Done?

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How to Explain Things to Parents?

Sometimes,you do lots of bad stuff. Sneaking out to go in shopping,spending their money without your parents knowing that,going out with some guy you don't even know, drinking and smoking. And the ... Read More »

Explain the territorial limits on sasria in the sadc and other countries?

How do bank CDs work In other words, can you explain to me the process of collecting interest with a CD?

CD's are bank savings accounts for which they agree to pay you a higher than normal interest rate for keeping your money deposited in that account for a fixed period of time...That said... CD's are... Read More »