How to Explain the Law of Supply and Demand to Kids?

Answer The law of supply and demand states that the price of an item or service moves directly in accordance with both the number of people that are interested in acquiring that service, and inversely wit... Read More »

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Supply & Demand Activities for Kids?

Supply and demand is one of the first economic principles that kids can learn. Even young kids can understand the basic relationship between supply, demand and prices. Through simulations and discu... Read More »

How to Understand Supply and Demand?

Many people quote the laws of supply and demand, but few actually understand how it works. Here is a simple step by step method for thinking through the basic laws of economics.

What Are Demand & Supply Shifters?

According to the economic model of supply and demand, supply refers to the quantity of a product that suppliers can produce at a certain price. Demand represents the quantity of a product that cons... Read More »

Racism in adoption: supply and demand?

Hi Jessica,There is no reason on Earth why the actual costs to process the legal paperwork should cost more for one race of children than for another. It's obvious that some prices go way above & ... Read More »