How to Explain the Elimination Method for Algebra?

Answer The elimination method for algebra lets you solve systems of linear equations by changing the equations to eliminate one of the variables. You can multiply or divide both sides of an equation until... Read More »

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Directions for Substitution & Elimination in Algebra?

Systems of linear equations are two linear equations with two unknown variables, where only one set of numbers will satisfy both equations. This set of numbers is the point where the two lines will... Read More »

How to Solve Linear Equations by Elimination Method?

The Elimination Method, or Addition Method, is a technique used for solving algebraic equations dealing with constants and variables. This method is typically taught in high school Algebra classes.... Read More »

How to Explain the Basic Concepts of Algebra?

Algebra can be an intimidating subject to conquer, especially when it comes to learning the basic concepts. Once the basic concepts are mastered, however, students can build upon them as their foun... Read More »

How to Factor Using the Rainbow Method for Algebra 1?

A factor rainbow is a list of factors of a number in order from least to greatest. The rainbow is made by attaching, with a rainbow arch, factor pairs of a number. Listing factors in this fashion e... Read More »