How to Explain the Basic Concepts of Algebra?

Answer Algebra can be an intimidating subject to conquer, especially when it comes to learning the basic concepts. Once the basic concepts are mastered, however, students can build upon them as their foun... Read More »

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How to Explain Math Concepts With Drawings or Cartoons?

As a math educator or a general education teacher, you may at some point in your career have to use drawings and cartoons to further explain concepts to your students. Sometimes, you may also want ... Read More »

Key Skills for Math & Basic Number Concepts?

Mathematics is one of the most advanced branches of academic study, and yet, it is one of the most confusing. Because math is so critical a skill for anyone in any part of the world, it's important... Read More »

Basic Concepts of Life & Health Insurance?

Life and Health insurance both work on a simple basis: life insurance pays out to a chosen beneficiary upon a policyholder's death, while health insurance covers some or all of the costs of the pol... Read More »

How to Explain the Elimination Method for Algebra?

The elimination method for algebra lets you solve systems of linear equations by changing the equations to eliminate one of the variables. You can multiply or divide both sides of an equation until... Read More »