How to Explain a Cell Wall?

Answer Plant cells are arguably the most commonly-known cell to have a cell wall, but it is important to note that some bacteria, algae and fungi also have cell walls. In explaining what a cell wall is, a... Read More »

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How to Explain Cell Division?

The human body is composed of millions of cells that are continually dividing to form new cells. Chromosomes replicate within the cells forming daughter chromosomes. The cell then divides into two ... Read More »

Can someone please explain the difference between cell and battery?

A cell is a portion of a battery. A battery is made up of smaller cells to achieve the required voltage and capacity.A battery is called that as it comprises a battery of smaller cells.

Can you text message someones cell phone from a webpage explain?

Yes you can. Just go here:

Does Monera Contain a Cell Wall?

Kingdom Monera includes all bacteria, and bacteria can be divided into the Archaeans and the Eubacteria. These single-celled organisms share many similar characteristics, such as a single circular ... Read More »