How to Explain Your Obsessions to Others?

Answer Obsessed with something that other's are not? Here's how to show them your view! First, we need an example of your obsession. Throughout this article, pretend it's a certain shoe: a black corduroy ... Read More »

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Question for moms:: explain if you can so that others can understand....What were your feelings when you?

It was so overwhelming...I was so full of love and happiness I thought my heart would jump out of my chest...and cry...I'm sure the hormones had a lot to do with it...but my God, I cried and I just... Read More »

How to Decorate Your Room With Your Many Obsessions?

What defines you?Do you have many obsessions or widely varying interests? Do you redecorate your room over and over? Here's how to express your personality in your room without redecorating every o... Read More »

Explain how young children learn to interact effectively with others ?

Young children learn best through active, hands-on learning. So the best way to learn effective social interaction is through social interaction supported by adults who can model appropriate and e... Read More »

I don't know how to explain myself to others - could this be related to me being adopted?

yes, I completely understand...I do this all the time with my husband. I end up lashing out or being upset for "no reason" and unable to put into words why I am reacting to something that seems har... Read More »