How to Explain Your New Tattoo to Your Husband?

Answer Getting a tattoo is a personal choice for many women. Tattoos often express some aspect of your personality and may hold a special meaning only you understand. While no one can tell you what you ca... Read More »

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How do you explain the pregnancy by someone else to your sister in law even if your husband says it's OK?

sit with that person and tell that what going on through the familly it is ok to show your feeling withn a other person:)

Tattoo Ideas for a Husband & Wife?

True love is permanent, and so are tattoos. Some couples decide they want to demonstrate their love by choosing tattoos that symbolize their unions. There are many concepts to consider and design... Read More »

Are you related to your husband's brother's wife and husband's sister's husband?

These people are part of your extended family. They are not related by blood to you and there is no simple word for the relationship. They are your husband's sister-in-law and brother-in-law, of co... Read More »

Your second husband wants to adopt your son your first husband signed the birth certificate but is not his biological father how do you handle this?

It is very unlikely that a court would emancipate a 16 year old and then allow them to be adopted. If the child is in trouble or danger, the court or child services can ensure they are taken to a s... Read More »