How to Explain Why Someone Should Know About and Study History?

Answer When the world becomes too "modern" (and it has done this many times before our modern), there can be a tendency to assume that the past no longer counts and that all that matters is the present an... Read More »

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Parents- how do you explain to a 7 years old why there are black history but not white history month?

You know I wonder that myself. I appreciate what the black community has done for our country. I'm thrilled that race has been more and more seen as just skin color and nothing more. I'm glad ra... Read More »

I have an exam tomorrow and i nef to stay all night and study,pls explain how i can do this using coffee drink?

Try red bull, it's more energetic than coffee! It's not the healthyest thing in the earth but for one time you can drink it! It's more tasty than coffee and your teeth won't turn brown :DI'm kiddin... Read More »

Days of our lives, Could someone please explain John's background history?

This is all the same John Black:Ryan Brady DiMeraForrest AlamainRoman BradyFather JohnNot sure where the list ends but here is the whole thing:

How to Study the Teaching of History?

Roman philosopher Cicero once said, "Not to know what happened before one was born is always to remain a child." In like manner, R.G. Collingwood wrote, "History is for human self-knowledge...the o... Read More »