How to Explain Something With Hand Puppets?

Answer your new personal helper!Explaining things to young children can be very difficult, and can leave them confused. Sometimes acting out situations is the best way to help them understand. Hand puppet... Read More »

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How to Make Full Body Hand Puppets?

Crafting a full body puppet is an enticing activity for all ages. Puppets can be used and reused for an extended amount of time, but take only around an hour to create. You will be surprised by the... Read More »

Directions for How to Form Hand Shadow Puppets?

No one knows exactly the first shadow-and-hand puppet was created. The website guesses that shadow puppets probably originated during the time of cavemen: "...the people living d... Read More »

How to Make Giraffe & Chicken Sock Hand Puppets?

Recycle old socks into sock puppets. Consider making giraffe and chicken puppets for children to play with. The sock puppets can be made for story time or a puppet show. Children can help cut out t... Read More »

I've done something wrong and ended up with the 'Start' taskbar running vertically up the right hand side of?

Just click and drag to the bottom of the screen. Also make sure the taskbar isnt locked to check right-click the taskbar and then make sure there isnt a check next to Lock the Taskabar.