How to Explain Gravity & Friction?

Answer Gravity and friction are two forces that work together to allow life as we know it on earth. They are balanced forces. There is no movement without first overcoming friction, which is why a heavier... Read More »

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Specific Gravity Vs. API Gravity of Hydraulic Oil?

Specific gravity and API gravity are both measurements of density. They both can be used to measure the gravity of a fluid, such as hydraulic oil, in the same way that miles or kilometers can both ... Read More »

What Is a Friction Modifier?

Friction modifiers are additives used in lubricants to decrease the amount of friction between two lubricated surfaces. They are often used in auto transmission and engine lubricants to improve fue... Read More »

How to Understand Friction?

Friction is basically the force that two surfaces exert on each other when they rub against each other. In this guide, you'll learn the different types of friction and the cause. There are three ty... Read More »

What has friction got to do with escalator?

Friction is principally important for the proper functioning of the moving handrails of an escalator. The handrails are driven by friction and if there is insufficient, their speed can get 'out-of... Read More »