How to Explain Autism to Children?

Answer Sometimes it is difficult to explain to young children what autism is, which can be frustrating when a new brother or sister, or classmate has the condition. This article will provide you which som... Read More »

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How do u discipline children that have autism?

my son has Autism and what works for him is timeout and also pictures that explained why he was getting a timeout.. pics of bad behaviour etc, and also a pic of the timeout place.. it took a while... Read More »

How to Test for Autism in Children?

As a behavioral disability that covers a wide spectrum of symptoms, testing for autism requires patience and a compassionate understanding of the disorder. Simple observation of your child from inf... Read More »

How to Use Visual Supports for Children With Autism?

Children with autism experience communication difficulties and may not respond well to verbal commands or routine changes. These children thrive under structured routines and with communication thr... Read More »

How to Teach Children to Swim With Autism?

The following tips may help your Autistic Spectrum child learn to swim.The steps outlined in this article are aimed at assisting you to help your autistic spectrum child learn to swim. Autism can c... Read More »