How to Explain Anthropology?

Answer Anthropology is subject little understood by the general public, partially due to it being a broad field of study and pertaining to all aspects of humans. Explaining anthropology is important in sh... Read More »

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Schools of Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of the human condition and human diversity around the world. Anthropologists study cross-cultural differences in communication styles, social institutions and cultural bel... Read More »

How to use MLA for an Anthropology Citation?

Anthropology is part of social science and focuses on the study of human cultures. When writing a paper on an anthropology topic several different citation styles can be used, including the Modern ... Read More »

Anthropology Games?

In high school or college, students might take a course in anthropology. The material can certainly be a bit dense at times. However, introduce some games into your curriculum to keep students inte... Read More »