How to Explain Anthropology?

Answer Anthropology is subject little understood by the general public, partially due to it being a broad field of study and pertaining to all aspects of humans. Explaining anthropology is important in sh... Read More »

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Geophysics Used in Anthropology?

One of the most exciting sub-fields of anthropology is archaeology. While archaeologists rarely encounter the cliff-hanging adventures you see in the movies, they do have the chance to discover ent... Read More »

Culture and Changes in Anthropology?

In every historical era, the study of cultures both known and undiscovered has been of particular interest in human societies. Since the formal establishment of cultural studies as a discipline of ... Read More »

Who invented anthropology?

Franz Boaz (1858--1942) earned the moniker "Father of Modern Anthropology". He originated the concept of "culture" as a description of behaviors of ethnic groups. Others give the title "Father of M... Read More »