How to Experience the Pinocchio Effect?

Answer The Pinocchio effect, named after the fictional puppet-turned-boy of the same name, is a tactile illusion, an illusion that uses your sense of touch to "trick" your brain. Such illusions are remark... Read More »

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Does vitamin D have a calming effect that may help with insomnia your experience?

it's logical. d helps thyroid function, and thyroid dysfunction is responsible for insomnia in many cases.

What does"Pinocchio"mean?

Pinocchio means "pine nut" in the Tuscan language. It is the name that Tuscan writer Carlo Lorenzini gave to a puppet that came to life in his novel "The Adventures of Pinocchio." The book was late... Read More »

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Who captured Pinocchio?

In the Disney film "Pinocchio," an evil puppeteer named Stromboli captured the boy puppet Pinocchio. Stromboli wants Pinocchio, who can perform without strings, so badly for his marionette show tha... Read More »