How to Experience Your Life?

Answer Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you wonder, "what is more real - the world of dream I just left or the world of wakefulness I am experiencing now?" When reality seems to confuse or disor... Read More »

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How to Gather the Best out of Your Life Experience?

We all go through lots and lots of problems , issues and mistakes , but do we learn anything ? .. and if we do , do we learn the right thing ? I will share with you how do i handle a problem , ho... Read More »

Life Experience Degrees?

Life experience degrees are degrees that are earned based on actual experiences instead of traditional classroom learning. They can be earned much more quickly and less expensively than a degree fr... Read More »

What is a life experience degree?

A life experience degree, or work experience degree, is given to someone who has achieved a certain amount of hands-on experience in a field. It is suitable for people who lack classical secondary ... Read More »

Life Experience Doctorate Degrees?

Life experience doctorates are degrees sold over the Internet by various unaccredited universities. According to those universities, a life experience doctorate can prove that you have acquired var... Read More »