How to Experience Oahu As a Local?

Answer Oahu is where the most "action" takes place of all the islands. From worldwide known beaches to tourist attractions, there is so much to see and do in a limited time. To enjoy your visit in a non-t... Read More »

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What to put for work experience on an application for a restaurant when you have no experience in that area?

Direct TV When turn on TV with box it will not pull up the local channel that you want It goes to the search in the right hand lower corner You switch to a non-local channel and it connects.?

Can you see Oahu from Maui?

It is not possible to see Oahu from Maui because there are 90 miles of ocean separating the two islands. Oahu does not have the same elevation as many of the other islands, another reason that it i... Read More »

Discount Oahu Activities?

Finding discounts for activities on the island of Oahu is easier than you may think. The hunt for bargains can start the moment you land at Honolulu International Airport. Advertisements and racks ... Read More »