How to Expense Real Estate Depreciation With No Rental Income?

Answer You may claim a depreciation expense for your rental property in a year you have no rental income if you plan on keeping the property as a rental income producing asset. You must depreciate your re... Read More »

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How can I calculate real estate depreciation tax?

DEAR BOB: I own rental properties in Las Vegas and have been calculating my depreciation tax expense by using the property tax assessor’s tax ratio between land and building value. My problem is ... Read More »

How to Calculate Depreciation for Real Estate Investing Tax Purposes?

As stated in an earlier post, depreciation (or cost recovery) is an allowable tax deduction real estate investors should always take advantage of on rental investment properties that they own each ... Read More »

How to Invest in Rental Real Estate?

People often want to know whether investing in rental homes is a good investment. It all depends.

What is the average real estate rental return?

According to Harvard Business School, the average cap rate for investment real estate has historically been 9 percent. Given that a cap rate is simply the property's net operating income divided b... Read More »