How to Expense Lost Time from Insurance Claim?

Answer It will inevitably happen to all of us one day. Driving down the road and Bam !@$!. You got hit. Either you or your insurance company will file a claim to recoup damages from the accident. If you ... Read More »

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Is there a time frame that you can make a claim on gap insurance?

Answer Every insurance policy has what is called a claims tail, its like a statue of limitations, I would make the claim without regard to how long ago it was, and a good reason for doing so is tha... Read More »

How do I claim Internet service as a business expense on taxes?

Calculate 2009 DeductionDetermine what percentage of the Internet you use for business purposes. For example, if your business is home-based, you may use Internet service 60 percent of the time for... Read More »

Is there a set time limit for insurance companies to determine a disability claim as mandated by the department of labor and industry?

There's not much if any leeway in insurance policies to pay for something that's not described as covered.Were you led to believe the policy would pay if you cancelled because you changed your mind... Read More »

Can disability wages from an insurance claim be garnished?

If you travelled before the warnings about swine flu, travel insurance should cover you. However, if you travelled despite knowing the warnings about swine flu, it is unlikely that they will cover ... Read More »