How to Expand Trinomials?

Answer With binomials, students expand the terms with the common Foil method. The process for this method involves multiplying the first terms, then the outside terms, the inside terms, and finally the la... Read More »

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How to Factor Trinomials With GCF?

The process of factoring a trinomial, or a polynomial with three terms, a^2 +/- 2ab + b^2, is the division of the terms to their prime factors, or their simplest forms. The forms are written as a p... Read More »

How to Factor Trinomials Set to Zero?

Polynomials have names that identify how many terms they possess. A trinomial is a polynomial with three terms. The basic form of a trinomial is y = ax² + bx + c, where y is final value of the fun... Read More »

How to Factor Trinomials?

In algebra, a trinomial is a polynomial expressed as the sum of three 3 components, or terms. The most familiar type of trinomial is the quadratic (ax^2+bx+c), but not all trinomials are quadratic.... Read More »

How to Factor Trinomials on a TI-83?

Trinomials are polynomial equations that have exactly three terms. To find the solutions (also called roots, x-intercepts, and zeros) to trinomials, you must often factor them. There are a couple o... Read More »