How to Exit the Air Force After the Birth of a Child?

Answer The challenges of parenthood can be trying for anyone. Those in the military, however, face many added difficulties due to their service obligation and the nature of their work. The United States A... Read More »

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Can an unmarried woman lie about being on birth control to get herself pregnant and then force the biological father to take responsibility of the child?

Eventhough it is not right morally, yes the biological father should contribute to the child's life in some form or another, if not being around the child then at least contributing money to raise ... Read More »

Where does the baby exit through during birth?

Does the biological father of a child have any rights to a child if birth mother and presumed birth father put child up for adoption?

Yes. The child cannot be put up for adoption unless both biological parents give up their parental rights so unless you have done that the child can not be adopted unless the court strip you of you... Read More »

What has to open wide enough for the baby to exit into the birth canal?