How to Exhale a Smoke Cloud (Condensed Air)?

Answer Really just vapor from pressurized air and takes nothing more than your mouth, tongue, and if you're really good you won't even need your hand. It doesn't even need to be cold outside!

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How to Exhale Scream?

Exhale screaming is a much better method of screaming than inhales. Inhales will damage your voice and you will sound terrible. You wont be able to sing or scream again if you damage your vocal cor... Read More »

How do I Exhale With Mirage Swift LT?

"Waiting to Exhale" isn't just a movie. If you use a CPAP machine for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, you may be having a lot of difficulty exhaling. Side sleepers often prefer nasal pill... Read More »

Strange noise when I exhale?

It is allergy season. It is mucus from your sinuses running down the back of your throat. When you exhale, the mucus vibrates. The mucus runs into your stomach, so it should not be a problem. N... Read More »

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