How to Exercise Your Horse's Talents (Western Riding)?

Answer Going on a cattle drive could improve you and your horses Western riding!If you want to compete with your horse, or just get to know him better, you need to exercise him regularly. To get the best ... Read More »

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What Is Western Blot in Horses?

A western blot test is a chemical test with many applications, but it's particularly well-known to horse owners as the standard test for the common but dangerous and debilitating disease equine pro... Read More »

How to Saddle for Western Riding?

Proper placement of a Western saddle is important for the rider's safety and the comfort of the horse.

How to Train a Hunter/ Jumper for Western Riding?

It is possible to just tack up a Hunter/ Jumper western and ride, but this can be uncomfortable. Here's how to train the horse to have a nice western gait.

Is bike riding good exercise?

Biking is very good exercise. It doesn't matter if you are on a stationary bike, road bike or mountain bike; it burns a significant amount of calories and is a great form of cardiovascular exercise... Read More »