How to Exercise Using Improvisation?

Answer You don't need to spend thousands on expensive gym equipment to get a good workout. This article will show you how to exercise for free!

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How to Be Good at Improvisation?

Have you ever wanted to be good at improvisation? Well now you can!

How to Build a Jazz Improvisation?

You might know how to solo, and may be very good at it... for a couple of bars. But if it doesn't go anywhere, the listener quickly loses attention. Here are a few steps to help you avoid this...

Classroom Improvisation Activities?

Improvisation is the art of performing without a script. Comedians and other performers rely on this skill, but improvisation also helps students build confidence and communication skills at any ag... Read More »

How to Do a Mean Improvisation Piece on the Keyboard?

To improvise is to make up the music as you go. Some great artists improvise their solos live rather than play the same old album version. Improvising well is about being able to stay in key and st... Read More »