How to Exercise Tibialis Anterior?

Answer The Tibialis Anterior, AKA dorsi-flexor, AKA that little muscle over the shin, pulls your foot up. This makes it the opposing muscle to the calf, so strengthening it can help you overcome plateaus ... Read More »

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How do you stretch out the muscle next to the tibialis anterior - I have shin splints?

Three stretches:1 - Cross your involved leg over your uninvolved leg while sitting. Use your hand to pull your foot into the pointed position.2 - While standing, place the top of your involved foo... Read More »

What is posterior and anterior mean?

posterior is back, and anterior means front

What is the most anterior portion of the eye?

The most anterior layer of the eye is the cornea. It is the transparent covering over the iris, pupil and the white part of the eye, the sclera. The eye's anterior chamber of fluid is between the c... Read More »

Anterior Dislocation Protocols?

An anterior dislocation is a type of injury that affects the joints in parts of your body, most commonly the shoulder, but also the elbow, hip, knee or ankle. It occurs when the bone of a joint is ... Read More »