How to Exercise Inner Thighs With an Elastic Exercise Band?

Answer An elastic exercise band, also known as a resistance band, gives you the ability to perform a variety of exercises that work muscles on nearly every part of your body. To exercise and strengthen th... Read More »

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How to Use an Elastic Exercise Band?

Elastic exercise bands have been used in aerobic studios around the world for years, but it has only been fairly recently that they have made their way out of the studio and into homes. They are ma... Read More »

What exercise can i do to TONE my thighs ... im not doing squats or lunges as i already have big butt?

don't take pills or anything, eat organic fresh things. grapefruits help speed up weight loss. run run run! it helps reduce fat everywhere, sit ups and crunches help with abs. lift weights - muscle... Read More »

How to Exercise and Lose Weight by Turning Everyday Household Chores into an Exercise Routine?

House cleaning can be a great way to reduce mess, sanitize the home and burn calories. Many homeowners and renters do not realize that they burn anywhere from 80 to 500 calories through regular hou... Read More »

How to Buy an Exercise Band?

Exercise bands, also called resistance bands, are rubber or latex tubes or strips of various lengths and thicknesses with handles on the ends used for strength training. Increasing body strength re... Read More »