How to Execute a Wakeboarding Tantrum?

Answer An intermediate level set of instructions for a basic wakeboarding invert. This assumes an intermediate level of wakeboarding proficiency. Although throwing and landing a tantrum can be done in les... Read More »

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How to Calm a Child's Temper Tantrum?

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How to Diffuse Extreme Tantrum Behavior at School?

Correctly diffusing a temper tantrum can help maintain a peaceful classroom environment. Young children, ages 4 and under, often throw temper tantrums because they aren't able to express their frus... Read More »

How to Stay Calm During a Child's Tantrum?

Staying calm is critical to you and your child's mental and physical health. An inability to stay calm can lead to extremely dangerous and long term consequences.

How to Deal With an Adult's Temper Tantrum?

Temper tantrums are awful in children but can be downright scary in adults or seniors. If your partner regularly loses his/her temper here's a good way to respond to it.