How to Execute a Spectacular High Dive?

Answer You walk up to the high dive and see people doing amazing flips and dives off of it. "Wow," you think. Your best friend who happens to be a gymnast comes up and taps your shoulder. "So what are you... Read More »

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How high does the dive flag have to be on your boat?

Though dive flag laws vary from state to state, Rule 27 (e) of the Navigation Rules set forth by the United States Coast Guard requires the display of a rigid dive flag "not less than 1 meter in he... Read More »

How deep is the swimming pool that is used for the high dive?

Answer8 ftThe operative word here is "high" dive. 8' is the normal depth for an average pool with or without a small dive board. With most dive boards in residential pools the depth would be closer... Read More »

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