How to Execute a Slip?

Answer Flaps aren't the only way to help you lose altitude in a short distance. Many times they aren't even the best. The slip can make your plane drop like a rock while maintaining control throughout the... Read More »

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Is a bank lodgement slip a deposit slip?

Like a deposit slip, lodgement slips are used to list checks and cash that are being deposited. In fact, some banks use the term interchangeably. The term is common in a number of countries, incl... Read More »

How to Set up and Execute an Ambush?

Ambushs can be applied to a number of different situations; animals as well as humans employ such tactics. Lions for example: these animals have a lioness parade out in front of a herd of Antelope ... Read More »

How to Execute a Headlock?

Do a headlock on your opponent in a fight its simple to do but has a devastating effect.Do a head lock in four easy steps.

How to Execute an Act in Theater?

Acts can be very influential if executed properly. This article will guide you through the entire process from the planning to the execution of an act so that you can leave the spectators with wet ... Read More »