How to Examine a Person for Skin Autoimmune Disorders?

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What is the autoimmune disorder that causes skin pigment loss?

Vitiligo is characterized by white patches of de-pigmented skin attributed to the loss of melanocytes, cells that create skin pigment. Although other theories exist as to the cause of Vitiligo, res... Read More »

Is there anything a person with autoimmune system problems can do to be able to function everyday without chemical sensitivity to pesticides bleach perfumes paint etc?

Research for auto Immune problems Sugar - The sweetest poison of all. Plus Sugar Substitutes. Over 70 health problems traced to sugar addiction and the list is growing. Processes vegetable Oils, mu... Read More »

Dermatologist Skin Disorders?

Most people suffer from a skin ailment at some point. Some people, however, are afflicted with severe skin conditions that do not respond to over-the-counter solutions and require a dermatologist t... Read More »

Dog Skin Disorders: Mange?

Canine mange produces irritated, inflamed, itchy skin. Dogs with either of the two most common types of mange may lose hair and also become very irritable. The disease may be brought on or worsened... Read More »