How to Examine Teaching as an Art and as a Science?

Answer The debate about whether teaching is an art or a science continues to rage at education conferences and in school staff rooms around the country. Some argue that people are either "born" teachers o... Read More »

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A Masters of Science in Teaching?

Elementary and secondary teachers are usually required to continue their educations after receiving bachelor's degrees. Some teachers take classes of interest without any plans of getting a master'... Read More »

How to Teach as an Art Vs. Teaching as a Science?

Teaching as an art is the idea that since students are individuals, you must treat them as such. Science-based teaching argues that teaching is an input and knowledge is an output, which makes teac... Read More »

Science Teaching Activities?

Science can be a difficult subject for many students to understand and enjoy. Including practical activities to complement science theory is a great way of indulging the students. Through science a... Read More »

Science Equipment for Teaching?

Teachers need more scientific equipment than just a compound microscope in the classroom. The equipment required for each classroom will differ upon the grade level and discipline of science taught... Read More »