How to Examine Teaching as an Art and as a Science?

Answer The debate about whether teaching is an art or a science continues to rage at education conferences and in school staff rooms around the country. Some argue that people are either "born" teachers o... Read More »

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Fun Teaching Methods for Science?

In an increasingly technology driven world, students benefit more than ever from a strong science foundation. To compete with the stimulation provided by children's multimedia entertainment, scienc... Read More »

Art & Science of Teaching Activity?

Teaching is part art and part science. Anthony Mullen, a Connecticut educator named the 2009 National Teacher of the Year, recognized this in his application, writing that skilled teachers "must tr... Read More »

Science Equipment for Teaching?

Teachers need more scientific equipment than just a compound microscope in the classroom. The equipment required for each classroom will differ upon the grade level and discipline of science taught... Read More »

Science Teaching Activities?

Science can be a difficult subject for many students to understand and enjoy. Including practical activities to complement science theory is a great way of indulging the students. Through science a... Read More »