How to Evict a Roommate in Arizona?

Answer Evicting a roommate in the state of Arizona is very similar to the process in many other states. Your roommate may have not payed rent for a long time, but the landlord will have to make the ultima... Read More »

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How to Evict a Roommate?

Roommates can be beneficial in helping pay expenses and assist with household chores and duties. However, if your roommate's actions begin to cause you difficulty and you are unable to resolve the ... Read More »

How do i evict a roommate in nyc?

PreventionConduct a background check of your roommate before he/she officially moves in. If you find that you don't get along with your roommate, you may have a predicament at hand; however, you ha... Read More »

How to Evict a Roommate in Kansas?

Roommate eviction can be tricky, complicated, and emotionally charged. It is difficult to go through the eviction process calmly when you deal with the soon-to-be ex-roommate day in and day out. Yo... Read More »

How to Evict a Tenant in Arizona?

Landlords must follow the legal eviction process in Arizona when removing a tenant from a residential property. The eviction process provides tenants with an opportunity to correct a problem or sta... Read More »