How to Evaluate the Social Exchange Theory?

Answer The social exchange theory explains a communication for deciding an issue that is seen by participants like a "cost-benefit analysis." Often individuals evaluate their considerations or situations ... Read More »

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How to Evaluate the Usefulness of a Theory?

Several aspects of a theory are tested to determine if a theory is valid, useful or realistic. Some aspects of theory evaluation, such as its general value, determine the effect of the theory on pe... Read More »

How to Evaluate Kant's Ethical Theory?

Immanuel Kant's (1724-1804) ethical theory, the Categorical Imperative, states that moral acts are those done out of universally understood duty rather than out of concern for consequences. Evaluat... Read More »

How to Evaluate the Deontology Ethical Theory?

Deontology is a moral theory first proposed by Immanuel Kant. As opposed to consequentialist theories which focus on how actions effect the greater good, deontology defines morality in terms of pe... Read More »

About the Social Control Theory?

Social control theory is concerned with the issues that promote social order and conformity. The theory specifically addresses factors which determine whether or not a person engages in criminal ac... Read More »