How to Evaluate Store Credit Cards?

Answer Large retail stores may offer a credit card that gives customers the option to make small payments on large purchases. Stores also may offer money-saving incentives to consumers who sign up for the... Read More »

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How many store credit cards should you have?

On One Hand: One or Two Store Credit Cards Are Not BadA disciplined shopper who will pay off a store credit card monthly should get one or two store credit cards to the stores she shops at most. Th... Read More »

How to Close Store Credit Cards?

Credit cards are very useful, but they can sometimes also be a burden. If you have a store credit card to a place that you no longer shop at or you need to cut your credit card spending, you can cl... Read More »

Can we declare bankruptcy for store credit cards?

On One Hand: Yes, You Can Declare Bankruptcy for Store CardsAlthough store credit cards can be enticing, especially when coupled with low-interest offers, the credit limits are often low and the pe... Read More »

How to Avoid the Tricky Deals and Promotions Introduced by Store Credit Cards?

I'm sure we've all heard these words before: "Sign up with us today and save 15% on your next purchase!" If you're the type to always lookout for ways to save money or pay down debt then these gene... Read More »