How to Evaluate BRIC Funds Year-to-Date?

Answer The BRIC nations represent emerging market economies of developing countries around the world. Brazil, Russia, India and China represent these regions where the economies possess great potential fo... Read More »

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How to Invest in BRIC Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are specific investment options managed by experienced finance professionals. They allow single investors to add their money into a larger pool of investment capital in order to get ga... Read More »

How to Evaluate Closed-End Funds?

A closed-end fund (CEF) is an investment company that issues a fixed number of shares that trade on a stock exchange, like a stock does, and buys various securities, such as stocks and bonds, with ... Read More »

How to Evaluate Bond Funds?

Bond funds are an alternative for people with a small amount of capital or those who wish to pool their risk in the bond market with other investors. A bond mutual fund uses the money it receives f... Read More »

Is there a mandatory annuity starting date for retirement funds?

Tax-deductible retirement accounts must start distributions in the year the owner becomes 70 1/2 years of age. The term, annuity start date, is specific to annuity investments, which may or may not... Read More »