How to Evaluate Algebra II?

Answer After taking one year of algebra in eighth grade or the beginning of high school, students will often have to take a course in Algebra II, or Advanced Algebra, to graduate high school. However, for... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Algebra 2 & Algebra 3?

There are no federal laws determining what a school system must include in its algebra courses. However, there is a convention that most school systems follow, allowing for consistency in terms of ... Read More »

How to Decide If Someone Should Be in Pre-Algebra or Algebra?

Deciding whether to place a student in pre-algebra or skip them ahead to algebra 1 can be difficult. Children mature at different rates, and their ability to think abstractly emerges at different t... Read More »

What does it mean to evaluate something?

To evaluate something is to find out its worth, significance or importance. The word is used when someone needs to judge the worth of an item by placing a price, grade or rating on it. Evaluate als... Read More »

How to Evaluate Research?

When conducting your own research, you'll need to find other research in that field that has been previously published. You'll need to critically evaluate previous research positively or negatively... Read More »