How to Evade Gunfire?

Answer This is a guide for the hapless civilian caught up in a gang fight, war, or mass murder. There is a wikiHow on dodging bullets, but this is more practical. If you are a soldier, Marine, or law enfo... Read More »

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How to React to Gunfire?

Upon hearing gunfire, what is your first instinct? You probably don't know. For most civilians, it's an unknown experience. However, should you be placed in the position of hearing gunfire in your ... Read More »

How to Evade Questions?

Great questions cut through the clutter of thoughts. They move people to outcomes of exchanging knowledge or to action. That may be the asker's goal, it may not be the receivers. This article will ... Read More »

How do you evade someone who is chasing you in a car?

This question doesn't belong in the "Safety" section.

How to Evade Dogs?

For what ever reason you may want to evade dogs or if your being chased by the police then this article is for you. This article is for educational purposes only or for if you are a POW.