How to Evacuate an Air Conditioning System in a Vehicle?

Answer The air conditioning system in your car keeps your vehicle's cabin cool. Many components make up the air conditioning system, including the refrigerant, compressor and radiator. Over time, the radi... Read More »

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How to Do a Triple Evacuate on an R22 Central AC System?

Evacuation of a central AC system is an essential step in the installation and repair process. Moisture and other contaminants will, over time, damage the compressor. Triple evacuation is performed... Read More »

How much can I expect to pay for a new heating and air conditioning system?

Heating and air conditioning system prices will vary widely depending upon the region of the country that you are in, the type of HVAC system that you select and the overall square footage of your ... Read More »

How to Charge an Automotive Air Conditioning System?

An automotive air conditioning system must have its refrigerant charged after replacing a leaking component or when the refrigerant pressure levels fall below operating levels. Because refrigerant ... Read More »

How to Recharge the Air Conditioning System on a Cat D6N Dozer?

Because the Cat D6N bulldozer is primarily used in outdoor work, the outside heat can turn the cabin into a sauna if it is too hot out. That’s why this model comes with an air-conditioning syste... Read More »