How to European Skull Mount a Whitetail Deer?

Answer Creating a deer mount is a great way to commemorate a successful hunting trip. A European-style mount falls between the popular practices of mounting just the antlers or stuffing the entire head. F... Read More »

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How to Mount Deer Antlers in the European Style?

A mounted head or antlers from a prize buck is a mark of pride for any active hunter. Typically, American hunters have utilized two styles of mounting: the full taxidermied head from the shoulders ... Read More »

When do whitetail deer get their antlers?

Whitetail deer--specifically male bucks--start antler growth during the spring months of March or April. Antlers can grow quite rapidly--dependent on a deer's level of nutrition--and are usually fu... Read More »

How to Clean Whitetail Deer Meat?

Cleaning the meat from a whitetail deer correctly is one of the most important steps in getting your wild game to the table. Done wrong, it results in hair and blood in the meat and a strong, gamey... Read More »

Can female whitetail deer have antlers?

Male whitetail deer, scientifically named Odocoileus virginianus, grow antlers in the spring and shed them in the fall. Females of this species do not usually have antlers. Occasionally a female wi... Read More »