How to Estimate the Size of Something Using a Microscope?

Answer Rulers and yardsticks are ill-suited for measuring objects that are small enough to fit under the lens of a microscope. Although some microscopes are equipped with tools for measuring these tiny ob... Read More »

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How to Estimate Tank Size for a Turtle?

Turtles, such as red-eared sliders and cooters, are frequently sold when they are young and small. These turtles grow quickly, and owners must have a plan for housing them when they are full grown.... Read More »

Can an electron microscope magnify something up to 500,000 times its size?

It's true that the electron microscope can magnify an image over 500,000 times its natural size. By comparison, a light microscope can only magnify an object up to 2,000 times its normal size.Sourc... Read More »

What is the size difference in the waist of a women's size 18&size 12?

Generally, the difference between a women's size 18 and size 12 is approximately five inches. Although exact sizes vary from one clothing manufacturer to another, a size 12 is generally between 29 ... Read More »

How to Estimate an IQ From the SAT?

Though the SAT is considered a test of scholastic aptitude rather than an IQ test, SAT scores can be used to estimate IQ. Though you can study for SAT tests, IQ tests are designed so that studying ... Read More »