How to Estimate the Height of a Roof?

Answer The height of a roof is the vertical distance from the peak of the roof to the ground, also known as the rise of the roof. The roof's height is therefore equal to the sum of the rise of the roof an... Read More »

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How to Estimate My Re-Roof?

Roofing terms can become confusing to a do-it-yourself homeowner when attempting to estimate materials needed for a re-roofing project. A roof is measured in "squares;" 100 square feet is equal to ... Read More »

How to Estimate the Cost of a Roof for Your House?

Things to consider for estimating the cost of a roof are materials and labor to make the repairs. An accurate measurement of the square feet of the roof area will be needed. A decision to do it you... Read More »

The best estimate of the height of a doorknob?

People have different ideas on this, but I was taught that it should be mid hight. For a standard 78" door, the knob or handle should be 39"

How to Estimate the Height of Objects With a Triangle?

There are two ways to use the properties of a triangle to estimate the height of objects. Which method you use will depend on the information you have available. If you know the distance along the ... Read More »