How to Estimate & Measure the Capacity of a Container?

Answer Containers are available in many shapes and sizes to put items in for storage. Two containers may be very differently shaped, but actually have the same amount of cubic feet inside of them. Calcula... Read More »

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How to Estimate the Number of Candy Corn in a Container?

Estimating activities are common in the elementary school classroom to help children develop number sense and an understanding of variables such as the size of a container and the size of objects b... Read More »

What is the maximum capacity of a container Lorry (in normal case)?

Depends on the size of the box.see

Body fat % without tape measure Can anyone estimate mine based on pics?

i'd definitely say less than 20%. your legs look really muscular and your belly is flat! (i'd soo kill for your legs haha but i'm working on them!) anyway it's not a lot so i think 18% was probably... Read More »

What tool is used to measure capacity?

Many tools can be used to measure capacity, including graduated cylinders, measuring cups, eye droppers and beakers. Capacity also measures in various units, such as gallons, cups, liters and milli... Read More »