How to Estimate Decimals in Math With Calculators?

Answer There are times when exact numbers are necessary. When doing math problems, it can be easy to leave your product as-is, but some instructors want the number rounded. As the work gets harder, calcul... Read More »

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How to Estimate Decimals & Square Roots?

A key to estimating decimals and square roots is knowing your integer square roots. If you know that two squared equals four, and three cubed equals nine, then if you need to know whether the squa... Read More »

How to Estimate Products & Quotients With Decimals?

This article explains how to estimate products and quotients with decimals. The technique is to approximate the original numbers with scientific notation, then multiply or divide, using the rules ... Read More »

How to Solve Simple Math With Calculators?

Calculators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some of them small enough to fit in a pocket. Many children and adults use these small electronic devices to answer basic math questions. Their ... Read More »

How do decimals in math work?

Decimals allow numbers to be written more precisely by representing fractional portions of numbers. The decimal point appears between whole numbers and the numbers than represent fractional parts o... Read More »