How to Estimate Aggregate Taxes on a Bonus?

Answer The IRS has a way of making the most exciting events slightly depressing. A bonus at the end of the year or quarter should make you jubilant, until you start calculating the effect it has on your t... Read More »

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How Do Income Taxes Affect Aggregate Demand?

Governments impose taxes on a variety economic transactions --- including income earned from sources such as salaries, wages, self-employment, interest and dividends --- to raise funds to continue ... Read More »

Do I have to deduct taxes from an employee's bonus?

Employers have the option to deduct or not to deduct taxes from an employee's bonus. Many employers will deduct taxes from bonuses like any other income. It is the responsibility of the employee to... Read More »

How do I calculate payroll taxes on a bonus?

Payment MethodDetermine how you will pay the employee. Either add bonus income to earned income on a single paycheck or issue a separate check for the bonus.With Regular PaycheckSpecify tax withho... Read More »

How to Estimate Car Taxes?

Considering that some counties in the United States charge more than 8 percent sales tax on vehicle sales, it is a good idea to figure out your sales tax before making such a large purchase. If buy... Read More »