How to Escape the Condemnation of Hell With the Bible?

Answer You know that you only have one life to live here on Earth. And you would like to prepare now for the after life. It is your personal hope that you will spend eternity with God the Father, and avoi... Read More »

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Does the original drafted Bible ever mention hell?

On One Hand: Terms Pre-dating HellHell, as such, was not a part of early Hebrew thought. The earliest Biblical references to an underworld, often translated as "Hell" in the King James Bible, were ... Read More »

What Is a Condemnation Settlement?

A condemnation settlement is the compensation to a condemnee resulting from the exercising of the government right called eminent domain. This right gives a condemnor the power to take private prop... Read More »

How to Live Without Any Condemnation?

So many children of God, old and young are still living under so much condemnation and guilt. God send his Son so that we may be free from condemnation and guilt. We should take the gift of freedom... Read More »

What episode from the A-Team does Murdock escape the VA through an underground escape hatch?

The newest member is Leah, She took over for Lewis Young, once he died :'(