How to Escape if Your Car Is Stalled on the Tracks of an Approaching Train?

Answer Overhead view of the aftermath of the 1999 Bourbonnais train accident that left 11 people dead. A semi truck driver attempted to beat a train at an Illinois railroad crossing, resulting in a collis... Read More »

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Can walking on train tracks kill you [UK] (or out of Tube & train tracks which is most dangerous)?

Yes it's true.There are many many hazards on the railway that are ready and waiting to snare the unwary, especially in the dark when most graffiti tends to be done. There are steep drops, drains an... Read More »

I am going to run tracks around my yard for a small train/cart and does anyone know where i can get tracks? google "yard trains" or "garden trains"

Im only asking this out of curiosity ...OK What if I fell on the train tracks and the train drove over my arm?

you have to know the answer is of course nowe would not even feel itI run over deer almost every night, they weigh about as much as an average person, usuallay we feel nothing, and maybe hear the b... Read More »

Do you have to stop at train tracks if no train is coming?

While I cannot disagree with the other answers... use common sence... slow down or stop where there is no stop sign... you get rear ended because of your actions.... they may be at fault but won't ... Read More »