How to Escape from a Fire?

Answer 40% of the time people die in fires. It's because they just stay in their room and hide in their closet or even under their bed. Sometimes pets will hide under the bed or even inside a wall. Little... Read More »

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Who invented the fire escape?

Although fire escapes of various kinds have been around for thousands of years, the modern external staircase was invented by Anna Connelly, who patented the fire escape in 1887. The invention was ... Read More »

How to Escape from a Second Story Fire?

This is dangerous question, please remember that arson is not acceptable but this article will help you if in a emergency and you need to plan a fire escape in a two story house.

Who invented the fire escape bracket?

The fire escape bracket was invented by C.V. Richey and patented on December 28, 1897. The use of the bracket allows for the attachment of a stiff or pliable fire escape ladder to a windowsill. The... Read More »

Who invented the fire escape stair?

The first fire escape was invented and patented in Philadelphia on August 23, 1887 by Anna Connelly. The fire escapes were attached to new buildings as well as old buildings that previously did not... Read More »