How to Escape from a Drunken Date?

Answer When the partying begins, everything is fine and fun but as the night goes on, alcohol can fuel unpleasant behavior, ranging from stupidity, irritability, rudeness, arrogance, through to rage and v... Read More »

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What episode from the A-Team does Murdock escape the VA through an underground escape hatch?

The newest member is Leah, She took over for Lewis Young, once he died :'(

How to Use Drunken Fist?

Zui Quan or Drunken Fist is a Kung Fu style found mostly in China. Despite the humorous name, this fighting style has deliberate moves and resemble the actions of an over indulger. The following wi... Read More »

Do you ever get the drunken munchies?

yea when i go out with my friends after partying we get super hungry and we go to any restaurants open late or 24/7 LOL

Have you ever received a drunken text.......?